Kartan mallikuva, tarkentuu vielä


Konepajankuja 7
Fredriksberg D-house downstairs
00510 Helsinki

Arriving to us


13 min Sörnäinen metro station (900 m)
17 min Pasila train station (1,1 km)
3 min Tram and buss stop (50 m)
3 min City bike rental

By bus

E.g. bust stops of the lines 23, 23N, 50, 51, 58, 58 B, 59, 70T are located near Fredriksberg.

By bike

14 min Helsinki Market Square
35 min Itis shopping centre
There are good light traffic routes nearby Fredriksberg.

By airport bus

25 min Helsinki Airport

Come and experience 1+1

It might be that your plate will simply have two ingredients on it, but we ensure that they will have more flavor than you can ever imagine.