You must eat to have strength! But not just anything. We ensure that the lunch we serve provides energy for both the mind and body, without forgetting the most important aspect – great taste.

Our new lunch concept focuses on high-quality dishes. Our goal is to reduce food waste. Therefore, we will be moving away from the buffet lunch.

Instead, we will be offering generous plated main courses with a wide variety of options on our weekly changing menu. There will always be vegetarian, meat, and fish options available, as well as pasta, risotto, or salad, categorized into three price ranges. Alongside the main dishes, we will serve various side salads and freshly baked bread.

At an additional cost, you can also enjoy Atelier7 ice cream in various flavors. You don’t have to worry about the availability of lunchtime; our kitchen prepares the dishes promptly.

Lunch is served Monday to Friday at 11-14.

Surprising flavors at business lunch

Atelier7 is the perfect place for a business lunch. Our restaurant, located in Konepaja area in Vallilla, is known for its clean, authentic flavors and an interesting rustic environment. Chef Sauli Kemppainen and his team guarantee an unforgettable lunch time.

For business lunch, we offer a weekly changing three-course menu available upon pre-order, priced at 39 €. You can indulge in the delicious flavors of our business lunch menu starting again in the fall.

Welcome to Konepaja

Come and enjoy the Konepaja area with us. Our top-notch head chef Sauli Kemppainen with his team invite you to enjoy Atelier’s relaxed, bold and fierce atmosphere and pure natural flavors.